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You've had a good time with your vehicle, but you feel like it's time to move on. The team at Fort Wayne Toyota? We can help get you started by buying your vehicle and giving you some much-needed cash!

Based in Fort Wayne, IN, our dealership can help you learn more about your vehicle's value. With our Instant Cash Offer tool, it's quick & easy to get a price for your car. You can choose to sell outright or trade your car in to upgrade to a new Toyota. Our dealership buys all makes & models, while saving you the hassles of a private sale.

How Much is my Vehicle Worth?

Wanting to sell your car? That's common. Having zero clue how much your vehicle's currently worth? That's even more common.

The team at Fort Wayne Toyota can help. We offer an online vehicle appraisal tool. All you need to do is enter in your info, and we'll churn up a value estimate you can use to secure a sale or trade offer.

Why Sell Your Car to Our Dealership?

We keep things simple. We won't try to haggle or make unreasonable demands. We'll make you an offer that you can take or leave, we'll help you handle any remaining loan balances you have, and make sure you go home with the fair deal you deserve.

Why meet up with some stranger when you could just bring it to the trusted team at Fort Wayne Toyota?

What do You Need to Sell Your Car?

While we'll handle the bulk of the heavy lifting, you should make sure to bring along any documentation you have. Our team of friendly experts can advise you on what we'll need and what to do if you're having trouble finding it.

To get started on your vehicle sale or trade, fill out our form online or reach out to us in Fort Wayne, IN. We'll be waiting to hear from you.